don't let the summer heat keep you from your favorite outdoor activities. Our personal comfort systems can be taking anywhere.
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"Our systems are designed to cool you in all environments"

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Don't let the heat keep you from your favorite outdoor activities.


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We'd like to invite you to experience the world's first completely portable, very affordable, high pressure, self-contained misting systems with water and power built into one easy to use portable unit.... ISLAND MIST 

While you are sitting by the pool, playing golf, on the tennis court, at the beach, in your backyard, on a bike, or on a hike stay cool with....   ISLAND MIST

The Model I, II, III and V systems require no assembly and feature a rechargeable battery that delivers 12 hours of refreshing mist. The rechargeable battery and charger are included. Each unit has a built in filtration system and operate at 125 PSI. Simply fill the system with water and you're ready to go!! No tools required. Their uses are endless!!

The multi-directional misting heads will clamp to everything from golf carts, boats and campers to chairs, umbrellas, patios, awnings and canopies.

The Island Mist Model IV (Personal Mister) is a hand held or hands free system that is pressurized to over 100 PSI. It can be charged with a CO2 cartridge, bicycle pump or air compressor hose. The mister also offers an optional mini-fan that attaches to the
misting hose. The Personal Mister can provide a continuous mist for up to 60 minutes.

Island Mist portable Misting systems
 Island Mist products are patented, and UL listed.



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