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Model I
Let us help you with your personal comfort!

"Our systems are designed to cool you in all environments"

The Model I is a 100% self-contained misting system. No cords or hoses to hassle with or trip over making this model perfect for parties, BBQ, restaurants, banquets, patios and all of your outdoor events.

Model I
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The model I misting system includes a removable misting pole with a total of 6 nozzles (3 upper level nozzles and 3 lower level nozzles) with independent on 
off switches. 
It has been designed to be a complete portable "cooling" system. 

The model I misting system includes a 70" adjustable height umbrella along with a 30" tabletop. 
Its self-contained reservoir allows for 5-10 hours of continuous running mist and it is ideal for restaurants, parties, patios, or any situation where you simply want to remain cool and comfortable while having the convenience of a table and umbrella.

The model I is attractively designed and is equipped with wheels that allow easily positioning of the misting system wherever required. The Model I mister works on a small 12 Volt battery that can be easily removed for recharging and will operate for over 12 hours on a single charge. 
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Model 1 self contain misting system
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Model 1 by pool
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