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Model II
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"Our systems are designed to cool you in all environments"

The Model II is a 100% self-contained misting system. No cords or hoses to hassle with or trip over making this model perfect for parties, BBQ, restaurants, banquets, patios and all of your outdoor events.

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The Model II misting system includes a removable misting pole with a total of 6 nozzles. (3 upper level nozzles and 3 lower level nozzles). With independent on off switches.
The Model II allows the versatility of combining all of the misting capabilities of the Model I while allowing the full use of existing tables.
 It has been designed to be used as an independent multilevel misting system, or to be incorporated with an existing table. 

Its self-contained reservoir allows for 5-15 hours of continuous running mist and it is ideal for restaurants, parties, patios, backyards, or any situation where you simply want to remain cool and comfortable. 

The Model II is attractively designed and is equipped with wheels that allow easily positioning of the misting system wherever required. 

The model II mister works on a small 12 Volt battery that can be easily removed for recharging and will operate for over 12 hours on a single charge.

The model II system can be used with our unique clamp misting lines that come in 2, 4, 5 or 6 misting heads. These heads attach to the base unit and then can be clamped to anything. The heads can be individually adjusted. The heads are separated by up to 4 feet (48 inches) thus permitting an area up to 24 feet to be misted by this single unit.

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Model 2
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Model 2 for the Pool
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Model II in use at an outing
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Model II on the patio of a restaurant
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Model II used at a restaurant
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Model 2 heads
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Model II Misting system at hotel pool side
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