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The Model IV misting system is a personal misting system. This product comes with two gas chargers, a charger holder, an air fill adaptor and a carrying case with a shoulder strap so you can easily bring it along for sporting events, hiking or anyplace. 
The system can be automatically pressurized to over 100 lbs with an included CO2 charger or an air compressor hose at a gas station. You may also manually pressurize this system with a bicycle pump. The Model IV will deliver a cool continuous mist for up to 1 hour. The personal mister is an ideal choice for people on the go and for sports and other outdoor activities. This system allows you to enjoy outdoor events while keeping cool. The battery-operated fan can be attached to the misting hose to further enhance and extend the cooling effect even in more humid climates and when the sun goes down. 

This system can supply a misting burst or a continuous mist. Its carrying case and strap is not only useful as a shoulder strap, but it also allows it to be attached to many things such as a golf cart, chairs, lounges, and so much more.

The clip attachment on the hose allows you to position the misting head and let it operate automatically, while the personal mister sits on a floor or a table.

The personal mister also offers an optional Mini-Fan that attaches to the misting hose, creating a cool and refreshing mist filled breeze.

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